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Corporate Dining Food Service Specialist

Delicious food, freshly prepared and elegantly presented, perfect service and professional expertise, that’s why FLORIAN Food Service belongs serving you, your employees and your clients.

Our Clients

Major companies have selected FLORIAN Food Service. From the largest to the smallest, our service is customized to meet their individual needs. No other food service company provides the same quality, consistency and dedication as FLORIAN.

Not to mention value and service. We have an amazingly low employee turn-over rate and our clients are so pleased they would be willing to talk to you about their experience with our service. Please contact us for references.

Service Info

Corporate Cafe's

Corporate Food Service makes a lot of economical sense. It boosts employee morale, which studies show leads to increased productivity.

In-house Corporate Dining Food Service gives your employees a reason to get “in” early in the morning and “stay in” for lunch.

We take pride in our homemade food all made on premise. Old-fashioned favorites, delicious heath and heart-healthy soups and large variety of sandwiches to gourmet cuisine, your employees will have little reason to leave the premises.

The result – shorter lunch breaks and increased productivity. And that’s just the beginning of the story.

Please contact us for more information or to set up a site visit.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are another one of our specialty areas. We have an abundance of experience in this category. If your corporation desires a simple BBQ or an extravagant celebration, we guarantee all of your guests will be satisfied. We have catered cocktail receptions, seasonal BBQ's, car shows, Luau's, Western hoedowns and much more. Feel free to suggest your own theme idea!

Schools and Daycares

Florian Food Service works with both private and government operated daycares. We have been extremely successful in offering a large variety of foods both nutritional & well balanced. Menus are custom designed to fit your individual needs. We provide meals for school and day care children beginning with toddlers through graduation. We follow CACFP guidelines where necessary.

Senior Meal Services

Florian Food Service has been providing senior meals for over 20 years. There is a tremendous amount of care and integrity when providing these meals. Our dietitian works very closely with our menu design team to offer a large variety and most nutritious meals to satisfy patrons. In certain cases, we can provide "special needs” meals also. We go above and beyond to make each client satisfied.

Private Parties

"Paying attention to detail" is always of great importance, its even more relevant with private functions.

Detail after detail especially for your own home, wedding, birthday, what ever the occasion we will make every occasion memorable.

We have the resources and contacts available that will be sure to make you and your guests more then satisfied. In most cases you will work through our corporate office for private parties, where our corporate event team will work with you to plan just the perfect party.

Micro Markets

At Florian Food Service, we're passionate about providing convenient and delicious options for our customers, we think there is no better way to do that then an in house service.  But to move along with the trends of the office populations, we offer Micro Markets, the perfect solution for those looking for fresh-made food and snacks available at all hours, right at their fingertips.
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