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"I’ve been working with Florian Food Services for approximately two years and they have outstanding customer support and amazing meals.

They have helped create multiple themed lunches for our team of 180 employees throughout the pandemic and they’ve all been successful. They practiced COVID protocols to be sure everyone’s meal was packaged safely. It’s been a big hit in the office and we are looking to continue our partnership together."

- Jocelyn Valentin, CAES


"Rallye BMW has been using Florian Food services as our "In House Corporate Cafe" for many years with tremendous success.

The convenience, custom menus, price points, and varieties are enjoyed by all of our employees."

- Alex Echeverry Rallye, BMW


"Florian Food service has been with us for over 25 years- running our cafeteria and events like our company picnic, children’s holiday parties, corporate lunches, dinners- you name it. They always do a terrific job and the food is delicious. While nothing can ever be perfect, they address every issue immediately and professionally. They go above and beyond to make sure that our employees are happy!"

- Angela Chewning, Dayton T Brown


We have been using Florian Food for 12 years. My experience with Florian Food is that they are extremely professional and reliable. The staff are all courteous and the food is of the highest quality. Their pricing structure is competitive and the managers always follow up immediately on any food concerns.

- Carol Hartmann


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